My stepdaughter thinks we are weird. We = her dad and me. Mostly him, because he was at the school, doing a science demo in her brother’s class, and he stopped by her lunch period to sit with her. With his guitar. His presence there was clearly the Worst Thing Ever. She literally kicked him … Continue reading



I remembered something! Ok – I LOVE shopping at Thrift Stores. Also consignment shops, but Thrift Stores really have my heart and mind. And I buy used clothing almost exclusively (socks…underwear….). I have many reasons, including: I don’t like spending lots of money on things, especially clothes; I believe in reuse and try to live … Continue reading

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Abraham was recently pictured on Natural Parents’ Network on their Wordless Wednesdays feature about food. After he was pictured and I shared the link with my family and friends, I wondered to myself if I am actually a natural parent. What does that really mean? There is a long list of what it means to … Continue reading