I remembered something! Ok – I LOVE shopping at Thrift Stores. Also consignment shops, but Thrift Stores really have my heart and mind. And I buy used clothing almost exclusively (socks…underwear….). I have many reasons, including: I don’t like spending lots of money on things, especially clothes; I believe in reuse and try to live … Continue reading

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Crafting Again

Hooray! I finally made something (besides a baby, that’s a pretty creative act)! I have several (like 50) projects bookmarked, many for baby, some for me or others, and I made this little blanket for Abraham. It turned out to be very cute, yet sophisticated (for a baby blanket…). The tutorial is easy to follow … Continue reading



I’m pretty thrifty. Being married, with two step children, a dog, and a baby due in January has made me a little thrifty-er. Life is expensive, and it is easy to get carried away buying all the stuff we “need.” I found an online group discount site called Groupon (get it?!). It looks like they’ve … Continue reading


Baby Bag

I don’t know what else to call it. I was at Goodwill, scoping out the maternity pants (none for me) and children’s coats (score for Nathan) when I found the treasure I’d been looking for, the answer to my questions, the winter wonderland dream-coat. It sort of looks like a dementor with that empty hood. … Continue reading