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Love Letter to Reading, PA

I think it’s time to start blogging again. We moved to San Jose, California, two weeks ago. Nothing will ever be the same. I’m sitting here at 10:42pm in my house full of boxes (empty of our things but full of packing paper), watching a video of my best friend’s daughter lead her chickens to … Continue reading



I’ve been feeling…I’m not sure the word. Mentally floppy. All over the place. Spread unevenly. A little lost. I’m trying to change my mental attitude. This is yoga: Vitarke Badhane Pratipaksha Bhavanam: When doubt arises, cultivate the opposite mental attitude. It’s been, for years, the yoga sutra that speaks to me the loudest. It works … Continue reading

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Abraham busted his lip for the first time. He’s had skinned knees and assorted bruises, but today there was blood (only a little) and tears (many). He only runs from place to place, which means that busted lips are bound to happen. I keep thinking about writing a post like “How to Fly with a … Continue reading